Moses​’ Story

May 2, 2023 | Your Story

I was born in New Guinea, Nicaragua in 1996. Nicaragua is a very poor third world country. Many families in Nicaragua don’t always have the best situations: they lack food, money, healthcare, etc. I was born into a very interesting situation. My biological mother left me in the woods when I was a baby – most likely to die. I’m not sure of her reasoning, but thankfully, she placed me on a path that was well traveled. A lady heard me crying in those woods and found me covered in ants and very malnourished. This lady took me to a nearby hospital where doctors quickly attended to me, but it was a scary and a serious situation to be in. Doctors later had told my foster parents that had I not been found, it would have been just a few more minutes before I would have been eaten alive or starved to death. I was kept at a local Nutrition Center where I few healthy and strong. Every day I was loved and cared for and eventually was adopted into the Nutrition Center where I stayed. The couple who ran the Nutrition Center took me in as their foster child and cared for me and loved me so much. After about two years, a missionary family from the United States arrived in the area. This family, the Buzbees, would help and serve the small communities and schools in so many ways along with the Nutrition Center by helping with school and food supplies and generally meeting the needs of the people all over Nicaragua. Every time they served in the Nutrition Center where I lived, my foster parents reached out to them about adopting me. They knew that the Buzbees could give me a better future and allow me to grow up in a family. And so it came to be that the Buzbee family, who already had four children of their own and had adopted five other children, welcomed me into their family. They took me in as one of their own and after a few days we all moved back to the main capital town of Nicaragua which is Managua. The Buzbee family took me in and cared for and loved me like no other. They gave me an education and taught me to speak English as my first language, after which I learned Spanish. In 2019, an opportunity came up for me to be a camp counselor at a Christian Camp in Maine in the United States. At this camp, I felt and experienced the Lord in a way that I had not yet experienced. I understood my purpose and self-worth and felt my relationship with Jesus go to a different level. At the end of that summer, I had plans to go back to Nicaragua, but God had plans for me to stay in the United States and opened up opportunities that allowed God’s plan for me to thrive. My sister and her husband, Melissa and Coburn, gave me a place to live with them and welcomed me into their home in Raleigh, opening up this new chapter of my life. A door opened in Coburn’s construction company which allowed me to learn many new trades in the field and I grew a strong relationship with the top people. I was welcomed by The Capital Church family which sponsors my parent’s mission work in Nicaragua and have created a new family here. All of this helped me realize that God is my heavenly Father. That my worth and identity comes from Him and that although I may have been rejected as a baby by my earthly parents, I was always welcomed by the God who formed me in my mother’s womb. He restored my identity and gave me a new name! Jesus knew that I was worth saving!